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Apple MacBook is one of the luxurious laptops created by Apple, initially launched in 2008. The design has gone different changes, in its design, performance, function etc . However, what remains constant to this day is, it still remains one of the most popular laptops in the market.its highly demanded and costly owner of the macbook will be always careful about it.even though they are careful , damages are quite often too.screen damages,battery problems are most common scorpion fix in khalba are just a click away to fix your valuable macintosh repair.Having a vast knowledge in apple technology makes our job unique. We are here over 10 years so that we can clear all your iMac issues within one or two days.

We are here to hear all your problems like not charging ,iCloud storage, transfer of data from one mac to other,etc Whatever the problem is we are just a click away .As we know it's too expensive and has its own uniqueness ,people will always be afraid to hand it over. But here we promise you ,we will take care of your macbook and we assure its safety .We will fix all its hardware and software problems with experts & also we are using only original spares.We will be there with instant reply & diagnosis,Free pickup & Delivery,Speedy repair,Expert tech support & Using original spare parts makes us unique from others.we repair Macbook ,MacBook Pro, MacBook Air,Macbook Pro retina & Mac Mini.We repair & replace screen of apple macbook,macbook pro & macbook air.scorpion fix in khalba provides warranty for the repair & we provide free service if something happened before its warranty finish.we value your time by doing the service as fast as possible.we use only original spares. Macbook repair in khalba will be a solution for all your macbook problems.

macbook service center Khalba

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